The Teaching of Phonics

We have devised a streamed system of teaching phonics and spelling. Across the school, for four days of the week, you will find children receiving specialised and focused teaching of phonics from phase 2-6 and age-specific spelling groups.
We follow the 'Letter and Sounds' document and the Jolly Phonics approach to learning phonemes and graphemes. We use a resource called 'Phonicsplay' to help us plan and resource our phonics groups, which is derived from 'Letters and Sounds.'
In our KS2 spelling groups, we use a progressive program from the Andrew Brodie range of spelling resources, which is based on the 2014 National Curriculum.
Due to the fluid nature of our system, children can be taught in line with their ability. Having said this, children are given spellings to learn at home in their core lessons and may be given spellings that do not necessarily correlate with the rules studied in their phonics/spelling group.