Peregrine Class

Peregrine Class starts every morning doing fluent in five, which helps support them with their 4 operations skills. After this, we will move on to collective worship and then Maths. In Maths, the children are learning the UKS2 objectives based on the National Curriculum. We use White Rose small steps to help plan and guide our lessons. The children start every lesson doing 5 minutes of retrieval, which helps them keep information they have learnt in their memory. After this, the children are given the teaching input and are then supported to work on their fluency and then tackle challenges in reasoning and problem solving. The children all also work on times tables booklets which are suited to where they are with their times tables. We work on these twice a day to help with fluency.


After break time, the children will begin the lesson with either handwriting, spelling or guided reading. After this, they start the English lesson with retrieval and then we dive into our lesson. Throughout the year, we make sure the children get to explore and write a range of different text types. We use a mixture of Talk For Writing and CLPE to devise our lessons. We usually focus on a model text, explore it and then use the skills we have gathered from it to write our own version.


After lunch, we start with ERIC (everyone reads in class). After this, we move on to various subjects depending on the day. On a Monday and Tuesday, the children explore R.E, Science, French and P.E with our P.E coach. Whilst on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, they explore Geography or History and Art and D.T(term dependant), Outdoor Learning(weather dependant), PSHE, Music, Computing and P.E. 


As well as all this, the year 6's are being exposed to SAT's material and being prepared for SAT's expectations through their learning. They will be exposed to old test material throughout the year - this will help prepare them in what to expect. This will also help guide teacher planning. They will also have expectations of completing SAT's related homework as the terms progresses.