School Clubs

Extended Sport Activities
Welcome to Spaxton School's extended sport and and activities page. Here you'll find all you need to know about our out of school activities and what you can expect form us, as far as extracurricular activity is concerned. Please note some activities are paid sessions and some may have a maximum amount of participants. If you do have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.   
Monday - Pro-Coaching - Athletics (paid service - please ask for information)

It's the time of year again, when the footballs and hockey sticks are put away for several months and we make the most of our dry weather conditions. You can expect fast paced sprinting, some long distance endurance racing and the highest of hurdle jumping! 
Please note, this is open for pupils of all ages and year groups but is a paid service, please ask in school for information. 
Wednesday - Pro-Coaching - Tennis (Paid club - Please ask for information)
With the sun shining it is the perfect time of year to practice your serve! Tennis runs directly after school on a Wednesday and all are welcome! With the pro-coaches you'll be playing your first set in no time! 
Please be aware this is a paid service. 
Friday - Pro-coaches - Gymnastics (Paid - please ask for information)
For those who have other ambitions for their physical activities, here we have gymnastics. Perfect for those who want to develop their balance and flexibility. The pro-coaches will help you perfect your form and greatly enhance your abilities. 
please not this is a paid service. All are welcome to attend, but please check for prices and availability. 
Tuesday - KS2 Sports (year 3,4,5 & 6)
Calling all sports fans! Tuesdays are your new best friend with KS2 sports club! If your child is year 3, 4, 5 or 6, then why not try a little extracurricular activity straight after school and hone your sports abilities to perfection. Sports club is free for all and runs from 3:15 - 4:15. 
Wednesday - Gardening Club 
Calling all green-fingers! Alongside tennis comes gardening club. A fun and interactive way to learn just how valuable gardening skills can be, from pulling-up weeds, to planting flowers and everything in between! 
Gardening club is free for all, but please check for space availability. 
Thursday - KS1 Sports club (year 1 & 2) 
For our young and ambitious sports athletes, we have Thursday night sports club! If your child is year 1 or 2, then why not try out this club to give their confidence a boost and start them early in developing them as future sports stars! This club is free for KS1 students.