The Board of Governors is responsible for ensuring that the school is run effectively. All state maintained schools are accountable to their Board of Governors who, in turn, is accountable to the parents and the community.

The Board of Governors are:
  • Tom Cudbill
  • Rev. Eleanor King
  • Heidi Moule
  • Rachel Rood
  • Suzanne Traynor (Co Chair)
  • Andrew Watson (Co Chair)
  • Helen Roper (Clerk)

The Board of Governors is responsible for:

* Working with the school to ensure it delivers a good quality of education.

* Setting the aims and policies of the school together with the Head of School.

* Agreeing the school budget together with the Head of School.

* Appointing the Head of School.

* Monitoring and evaluating the work of the school.

* Holding the Head of School to account for the performance of the school.

It is, however, the Head of School who is responsible for the day to day running of the school and if any parent has concerns about any aspect of the day to day running of the school they should address themselves to the Head of School and not the governors in the first instance.

In order to fulfil their responsibilities, governors need to know how schools, in general, are required to operate and how their school, in particular, operates. They do this through organised  group training sessions, by attending school governor meetings and by getting to know the school community, for example, by visiting the school during the school day.

There are six full Board of Governors meetings per year (one each half term). 
The Board of Governors of Spaxton C of E Primary School has determined that there will be no standing committees.

Where required under relevant legislation and governance regulations and in other cases to ensure the most efficient conduct of its business, the Governing Board will:

  • Delegate work to time-limited committees and/or individual members of the Board.
  • Set up working groups to provide information and/or make recommendations to the board.

The arrangements for delegating functions will be reviewed annually by the full Board of Governors.


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Governor Details as at 23 January 2020

Type Appointed by Date appointed Term end date Date stepped down Responsibilities Business interests
 Tom Cudbill
 MAT appointed
 Board of Directors  21/10/20  20/10/24      
Eleanor King  Foundation Diocesan Board of Eduction  1/8/19 31/7/23     Ethos/SIAMS Nil 
Heidi Moule  MAT appointed  Board of Directors   19/10/18 18/10/23      Nil 
Suzanne Traynor  Foundation  Diocesan Board of Education  1/3/17 28/2/21    Co-Chair, Ethos/SIAMS  RT Signs employee- school supplier 
Andrew Watson  Parent Governor   Parent Election  30/4/18 29/4/22    Co-Chair, SEND  Nil 
Governors Stood Down in the last 12 months              
Rebecca Skews  Staff   Staff Election  19/10/18 18/10/22   9/9/19   Spaxton School employee
Alistair Harrison  Staff   Staff Election  1/10/19 30/9/23   10/11/19   QET Employee (Spaxton School)
Luke Kelly
Head - ex officio n/a   31/12/19  31/12/19   QET Employee (Spaxton School)
Emma Carress
Parent Governor Parent Election 24/4/19 23/4/23 31/08/20 Health & Safety A W Alarms Ltd - school supplier
Kerry Henderson
MAT appointed Board of Directors 13/11/18 12/11/22 19/09/20 Safeguarding EDF employee - grant provider