Starling Class

It has been a lovely start to the year in Starling Class with lots of new faces! We have 2 new children in Year 1 and all of our new reception children, as well as a new teacher (Miss Shortland) and Apprentice Teaching Assistant (Miss Hurley).

Miss Shortland is a newly qualified teacher who has previously worked with nursery aged children and completed an Early Childhood Studies Degree, followed by her teacher-training. She is very happy to be getting started with her teaching career with such a lovely class! Miss Hurley is an Apprentice Teaching Assistant; she has previously worked as a hairdresser and is very excited about her career change and is loving being with the children. We also have Miss Sellick, a Teaching Assistant that worked with the class last year and is thrilled to be working with them again! This year, she is studying towards a Teaching and Learning Degree alongside supporting the children in school.

Everyone has settled into the school very well and is enjoying themselves; including the year 1’s who have returned after a strange year last year. On the first day back, a child smiled at me in the afternoon and said, “It’s good being back at school”, which I think sums up how we’re all feeling! We are beginning the year by focusing on a topic called ‘All About Me’, where the children will be re-establishing learning behaviours and sharing lots of their thoughts and feelings about themselves and their families. We have started this week by: having lots of play-time (including group games and turn-taking), making self-portraits and family trees, setting class rules and discussing our likes and dislikes.

After we have finished our ‘All about Me’ topic and the children have all fully settled into the school routine, we will begin learning in maths and phonics lessons, and move onto another topic all about ‘The Gingerbread Man’.