Peregrine Class

Peregrine class have spent the week familiarising themselves with being back to school and spending some time catching up with friends they haven’t seen in a while. We have created class expectation and rules, where the class as a whole have decided what they feel is important to them to encourage a safe and happy learning environment. Pupils and adults seem to have a similar idea of what they feel makes a healthy classroom which is great. We have also spent time familiarising ourselves with all the new faces in the school and making sure everyone feels welcome.

For some children, coming back to school would have been a daunting prospect so we have spent the week focusing on mindfulness and developing a healthy brain. We have talked about our worries and suggested coping mechanisms to help us deal with such worries. We have done this by encouraging children to express their feeling through various activities and to recognise that their feelings are natural and can be managed in different ways. This in turn will hopefully show the children they are in a safe space where everyone is valued.