Whole School Curriculum Activities

                                           Bat Music Video
As part of our whole school bat project we are fortunate enough to be working alongside Haygrove to write and produce a bat themed cover of Justin Timberlake's song "Can't Stop The Feeling" complete with music video!
Whole school trip to Bristol Zoo
On the 24th January the whole school enjoyed a trip to Bristol Zoo to take part in a nocturnal workshop, look at the fruit bats for our bat topic and had a chance to investigate all of the other animals.
Democracy and protection February 2018
 As a school, the children paired up to protect an egg! They were told that their egg would have to survive a drop from the school roof and set about a range of ways to keep their egg safe. The day was a chance to build upon our scientific inquiry as the pupils needed to ask themselves how best to protect the delicate egg. We had a wonderful range of experiments ranging from helicopter seed style wings to parachutes to extra heavy padding. After testing our designs the children reflected on how they could better protect an egg next time. We had a lot of fun and our discussions covered a lot of areas from upthrust to how ink permeates an egg shell.  
Fizz Pop Science October 2017
We were very lucky to have an assembly by Fizz Pop Science. We learnt all about air and tried several experiments. Some were funny and some were loud but we enjoyed all of them. We looked at how to compress air and how air moves. We experimented with expanding and contracting air to move things around.
Celebrate and Rejoice
Autumn 2017 - We have started our new year by celebrating different musical instruments. Every child had an opportunity to play and experience either a violin or a variety of brass instruments. The children named the strings on the violin and practiced plucking whilst KS2 had fun making some very strange sounds with the mouth pieces before playing different notes.
Summer 2017 - The children have taken part in a WOW day linked to our school value 'Hope'. The staff wanted to encourage a wider range of games in the hope that play-times would become even more enjoyable. We explored how to use the school grounds and play equipment in new and exciting ways and the children all seemed to take away a new game to play. Unfortunately, due to the beautiful British weather we had to postpone our second part until a brighter day. A few days later we had our chance to write our messages of hope for the world and spread them far and wide. We wrote our messages on 100% recycled paper and attached them to biodegradable helium balloons with short lengths of wool. Finally we all gathered together on the school field and released them into the sky. The children were so excited to be part of this that they chased their balloons down the field shouting encouraging words to send them on their way! It has been a great start to our Hope topic and we look forward to exciting things in class this term.
Message received
We have received a couple of responses to our balloons of hope. One response is posted on our Facebook page, where the message had traveled as far as Wells. The other response was via post and that message had traveled to Salisbury! The children have been thrilled to hear how far the balloons have traveled and are hopeful that we hear about some others!