Vivaldi Class 2017-18

Welcome to Vivaldi Class!
(September 2017)
Having only just started full days, our reception class are focusing on making new friends and exploring our classroom indoors and out. Our topic at the moment is fruit and vegetables as we focus on our school value theme of Celebrate and Rejoice. We have been looking at Handa's Surprise, healthy eating and similarities and differences between us through our tastes.
We have been learning lots of letters and sounds, how to use numbers and how to take turns and listen to one another, and at the heart of everything we do is the development of the Characteristics of Effective Learning: Playing and Exploring, Active Learning, and Creating and Thinking Critically.
October 2017
As we approached the end of our first half term at school we focused more on the theme of Harvest. We did lots of work on fruit through Handa's Surprise and then thought about the things we are most thankful for, firstly our favourite foods, but then also the other blessings that God has given us, especially our families.
We now feel very comfortable in our indoor and outdoor classrooms and are looking forward to experiencing the changing seasons at school.
November 2017
This half term kicked off with a Room on the Broom Wow Day where we made magic wands, miniature broomsticks and generally got stuck into one of our favourite books. Room on the Broom was also a perfect way to start thinking about this half term's theme: Friendship and Trust.
We have since moved on to thinking about what being a good friend looks like in Rainbow Fish and will also move on to a focus on to friendship in The Smartest Giant In Town.
December 2017
As this term has raced towards the Christmas holidays, our focus in December has been on the Christmas story. We all played the parts of angels in our Born in a Barn performance we joined with Miller class for, and we have enjoyed revisiting the Nativity story each day as we opened the large advent calendar we made together. We have also looked at the Nutcracker as part of our school-wide joint art project and experimented with different art media to create a display representing the party scene from the ballet.
For our exit point at the end of term we made a Nativity Movie, written narrated and performed by the children (the full 7 minute video can be viewed below, broken into 3 parts). We then invited parents to the world premiere where we also served pop corn we had cooked on our fire pit. It was a wonderful way to end a very long but very fun half term!
January 2018
'Hopes and Dreams' is the school-wide topic for this half term. We began with a Day of Dreams on our first day back after the Christmas holidays where we worked in twos and threes to build some dream machines to use in our Dream Factory role play area. We have also been making music for sleeping, dreaming and waking and mixing some dreams together in dream jars.
Thinking about our dream homes, jobs, pets and food has also been a great stimulus for writing and we are now getting very confident in writing whatever we want to communicate.
February 2018
We continued our Hopes and Dreams theme this month by looking at the story of the Ugly Duckling and then continued the egg topic into the second Spring half term as we begun the new them of protection. On our first day back we worked with the Year Ones to design and make a container that could protect an egg from being dropped off the roof of Miller Class! We have also borrowed an egg incubator and seven eggs from Brymore School which we hope will hatch just before Easter. Lorraine and Chris from Brymore will be back in March to show us some newborn chicks and check which of our eggs are growing.
This half term we have also started doing Forest School activities on Wednesday afternoon. So far we have built dens with sticks and rope, made clay faces for trees and mixing potions with natural ingredients and specially selected mixing sticks.
March 2018
We got ready for the arrival of our chicks by handling some newly hatched chicks who visited us from Brymore Academy. We had to be very gentle when handling them and had to patiently wait our turn. Our own eggs hatched after 21 days in the incubator and it was very exciting to see them slowly emerge!
We ended the term with a forest school Easter Egg hunt where we boiled some eggs on our open fire, made some Easter Bunny hats using long leaves, and then took it in turns to hide and then hunt for the boiled eggs.
April 2018
We began the Summer term with a visit to Brymore Academy to take our chicks back to the farm - they had grown so much in just three weeks! We had a tour of all the farm facilities at the school which we really enjoyed.
Our theme for this half term is Perseverance, and we had to persevere a lot when we were set the task of working together to build a tower taller than a metre using whatever materials we wanted. Continuing the theme of Perseverance, we are going to spend a lot of time this half term learning about plants, how they grow and what they need to survive. We have already planted a vegetable patch and will wait to see how long it takes our seeds to grow. We are wondering whether or not the vegetables will grow before the tadpoles we have in the classroom turn into frogs...
May 2018
We have continued to focus on plants and growth during our theme of Perseverance and spent the last couple of weeks of the half term looking tat the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have also been continuing to tend our vegetable patch and added some bean plants after watching them sprout in plastic cups in the classroom first. We finished by making our own Jack and the Beanstalk puppet show performances and you can see the three recordings of these above and below.
June 2018
The summer term began with a recycling day where we learnt the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling the waste we use. We used plastic milk bottles to make some elephants and spent a lot of thinkning thinking about the plastic we use in our homes.
We were very excited to see 25 of our tadpoles transform into baby frogs, that we then released. Our vegetable growing project continues but we have already sampled our radishes, which grew very quickly indeed.