Turner Class

Turner Class
Welcome to Turner Class! I am Mrs Hamilton and I am the primary teacher in this classroom. Supported by Mrs Llewellyn, Mrs Willcocks, Ms Tomlins and Mr Jones. Mr Harrison also supports on Thursday afternoons and Fridays.  
Chess Fever! 
Over the term Turner Class has been battling over the chess boards in a class based tournament, all with good intentions and a different way of engaging our brains. After a long, hard term both with the children's academics and the patience and mental demand of chess,the semi-finals finally took place today and we have our finalists at last! 
Rowan Traynor and Robert Barber have been determined as our finalists, with Isaac Habberfield just missing his opportunity ti be in the final for two years running.  
Our finalists will go head-to-head this week to determine our outright winner. 
Good luck to them both! 
Summer Term - 2017
As we bravely tackle our final term of the academic year, spirits could not be higher as the weather gets warmer and we have the time to reflect on our past year here at Spaxton School. The children have worked to their absolute best to achieve their targets and end their year on a high. 
 Turner Class - Summer Term 2017
Here we are, four weeks in and tackling our SATs bravely...   The children are doing so well; their attitude is positive and determined. We will have to wait until July for the results; however, with such a busy term ahead the time will soon whizz by.
After the Easter holiday the pupils returned to school with optimism and eagerness...
 "What's our WOW day to be?"
 "How are we going to 'Persevere'?"
Very soon the thinking caps were on and heads were down for battles over the chessboard.
Another challenge (with an opportunity to exercise perseverance) arose for the children with Morris dancing. Some of you may remember when Spaxton School participated in the 'Get set for the 2012 Olympics'. Well, we persevered with learning the steps and rhythms of the 'Lancashire Processional' - you may have seen our performance on the playground on Tuesday.
Area Sports 2017
Today Spaxton School has the chance to tackle North Newton in the annual Area Sports which took place this morning. The children displayed great sportsmanship and excellent commitment and perseverance to the races, which were a bit unorthodox to say the least! Although North Newton triumphed in the end, it didn't ruin Spaxton's spirit as they all enjoyed their morning and ended with a cheer for one another for their efforts and spirit! Well done, not only to Turner class, but the whole of Spaxton for taking part! 
The message of HOPE
With SATs now over, we have the chance to relax and focus more on our day-to-day lives. The children's WOW day this term has given them the chance to think about how they affect the environment and what they can do to give the environment hope in the future. The children were given the opportunity to write a message of good will on a piece of 100% recycled paper and tie it to a biodegradable balloon. These balloons were later released on the school field and filled the sky with an Eco-friendly rainbow. 
Part two of their WOW day, saw them play new and exciting playground games together, to ensure they truly make the most of the sunshine, whilst having fun and building those all important bonds with one another.