Prokofiev Class 2017-18

Prokofiev Class
Welcome to Prokofiev class. Mrs Hamilton is the class teacher, supported by Mrs Llewellyn and Mrs Willcocks.
19-6-18                     80 Days
Well done to you all for keeping up with the reading of this world classic. Today we read the summary for chapters 15 - 19 and did the puzzles. For next Wednesday, please read up to, and including, chapter 24. I read chapter 20 in class.
We had a lovely day yesterday cooking and eating; and today each of you cut wood in preparation for building an automaton. Here are a few pictures to enjoy...
Tuesday 5th June - 80 Days 
Today we worked through the first section - the children were given a synopsis and all read a little bit aloud really well. I read chapter 9 to the class. Next week we will talk about chapters 10 - 14 pages 42 -75.
What an incredible, hard-working class; the children have endured and persevered in their studies and tasks. Such focus and determination...WELL DONE to everyone.
After the holiday, our project will be 'Around the World' and part of this will be study of the book 'Around the World in Eighty Days' by Jules Verne. Each Prokofiev family has been given a copy of the book. For homework this half-term, the children have been asked to read, or have read to them, the first 8 chapters, which takes us up to page 35. Each week I will give the children a target chapter to reach; furthermore;  we will be doing activities associated with the text in class. If more than the required amount is read, this is OK but really not necessary. I hope you enjoy the journey as a family.
Have a great, well-deserved holiday, see you on Monday 4th June.
Found Art
Spending the afternoon outside in the spring sunshine was a real treat. The children worked in groups to create sculptures with a pattern from 'found' natural materials - another piece of work inspired by Oleg Prokofiev.
Endurance and Perseverance - words from our 2020 vision - both much needed in the challenges set today. After creating the story map of 'The Three Little Pigs', pupils set about making a house for the 3 pigs. After a blast of air from the wolf (hairdryer) or a downpour of rain (water from a jug), the houses were proven to have many good aspects; however, we all agreed that, for one reason or another, none were quite 'there yet'.
During the afternoon we read  L'histoire des trois petits cochons and began to consider musical dynamics for our own compositions...To be continued...
East African Playgrounds
What an amazing second-half of term we have had. Prokofiev Class have 'played hard' and 'worked hard': with pupils, parents and staff giving generously so much of their time, money and effort. We are delighted and grateful to announce that together we have raised over...
An additional thanks goes to Guy and Juan Barrington, who held a dance class in order to inflate the figure by an extra £60 from the total posted on the boards.
On behalf of Jasmine Harris (the fundraiser for East African Playgrounds) and myself, may I extend our personal thanks to everyone who: helped, donated, bought and enjoyed the project.
Congratulations to Xabi and Bernardo for making the chess finals; moreover, well done Xabi for becoming our 2018 CHAMPION.
East African Playgrounds (EAP)
Please see the display board outside our classroom.
Working with mod-roc: who are these characters.......?
Baking Bread
Prokofiev have enjoyed making bread...the waft of yeast followed freshly baked dough was mouth-watering. The purpose behind the bread covered many subjects: maths/measures,  reading/following a recipe, PSHE/working with others, design technology/learning about staple foods. With the latter subject, when the bread went home, the tasting and evaluating was enjoyed by many.
Dressing Teddy Bears
Prokofiev Class spent a wonderful day dressing their teddy bears as a Mayan. Having looked at the hierarchy of the Maya, they designed clothes to suit their chosen character. After making a paper prototype which could then be used as a pattern, the children set about making the outfit; furthermore, the clothes were then embellished with beads, buttons, feathers, trimmings or anything else that was appropriate. Altogether it was a very successful day and the teddies may never look so well dressed again!
Charter House 2017
Brace yourself for pictures as Prokofiev class return to school from their time at Charter House. the three days the children spent at Charter House was the perfect and complete outdoor experience for the children to partake in. From den building and scaling vertical rocky walls, to playing in the mud and even keeping the brain fresh with some chess. the children have all come back to school with smiles on their faces from a guaranteed great experience!  
Music Taster Afternoon
With thanks to our special guest, the children had the opportunity to pick up and try out amazing brass instruments. They quickly understood the basics and even got to learn the tune for a song. The children had massive amounts of fun and some very good questions about the instruments and some very good guesses about how they work!
Peter and the Wolf 
Inspired by the composer responsible for the soundtrack to Peter and the Wolf. We took it upon ourselves to display our own production of Peter and the Wolf. All the children formed groups and worked together to decide roles, dialog and even the setting for their own plays. I say with confidence,the productions were absolutely outstanding!