Morpurgo Class

 Welcome to Morpurgo Class!
Named after famous children's authors - Micheal and Clare Morpurgo.
Mr Harrison is the class teacher, ably assissted by
Mrs Llewellyn and Mrs Wilcocks. 
 UFO Crash!
Kareoke Comprehension
Due to all the practice papers we have been completing, we have decided to ditch the paper in our guided reading lessons and use our listening skills instead.
Morpurgo class and the rest of the year 4, have been using their reading comprehension skills to find the hidden meaning in lyrics of their favourite songs; including 'Shotgun' by George Ezra, 'Thursday' by Jess Glynn and 'How far I'll go' from Moana.
Here is a little snap-shot of them enjoying a good sing-along before the questioning starts. 
Spring Term
          To start the year 2019, we have decided on a whole school focus about Bats. In order to hook the children into the topic, we have been doing many different 'bat' related activities. The main one being a trip to Bristol Zoo to see the fruit bats in their special walk through flying zone. Unfortunately when we arrived at the zoo, we soon discovered that the bats had decided it was far too cold to be flying around outside in January (some children agreed) so stayed inside their roost. 
          However, we still had a chance to encounter many nocturnal animals during our fascinating 'Nocturnal Nature' workshop.  We were able to stroke rodents, tickle snakes and hold a Hissing Madagascar Cockroach.  Most were friendly but except one cranky cockroach!
We are already well on our way to becoming chiropterologists!
Christmas Time is lots of fun!
Keeping with tradition, the current year sixes had a chance to show off their culinary skills by baking Christmas cakes with Mrs Llewellyn, Mrs Wilcocks and Miss Ingram. 
Morpurgo class then celebrated their last school day of 2018 with a movie and party games.
I cant believe how good they were at resisting the temptation of eating the party ring! Also, I was quite tempted to leave some of them wrapped as human snowmen, it would be a lot easier to teach!
Our Celebration Walk
As an ending to our topic, the class decided to share everything they had discovered about the local environment and the living things within it. Therefore, we invited Ahlberg Class on a repeat of our Welly Walk but this time we were the tour guides! 
With our scrapbook in hand, we were each trusted with looking after a younger pupil on the walk; We had to navigate the route, explain all the features of the land and read the original poetry we had composed for each section of the walk. 
Both classes enjoyed adventuring around the fields and it was wonderful to witness children sharing their knowledge. A lovely opportunity to end what has been a long but enjoyable half term.
Holistic Afternoon
We have begun our holistic afternoons once more, where the school transforms into a plethora of activity. New ventures are always being added by various adults.
This term includes: Yoga, table tennis, den building and well-being sessions. While the remaking of the library is also benefiting from child centred approach.
Where will our wellies take us?
...around our beautiful village to discover all the living things and their habitats.
Having read all about Pippa's adventures in our class text - "Where my wellies take me." by Clare Morpurgo - Morpurgo class picked the best day in September to go on a nature walk. 
In the glorious sunshine, we donned our wellies and set off in search of living things. We were fortunate to be allowed onto Mr and Mrs Dare's land to delve into the Black Pits, scavenge for conkers under the chestnut trees and even bump into a rafter of turkeys! 
The children leapt at the chance to escape school for the afternoon; however, many surprised themselves with the amount of nature they discovered less than a few minutes walk away. Bushes decorated with wild berries, natural waters filled with pond life and gloomy, ominous fox dens.
We will be looking to share our walk with others later in the term.
Autumn WOW day
As an introduction to our topic 'Journeys', Morpurgo class went orienteering round the school. Initially, the children were challenged to follow routes in the hall, collect the clues and crack the code. Afterwards, they created their own riddles and designed a trail which covered the a entire school grounds.   
In the afternoon, so that we fully understand why and how we classify animals, we decided to design our own method of classification but for sweets! We gathered some of our favourite sweets and sorted them into different groups depending on their characteristics. As you can see from our photos, we were delighted with the lesson. Not just because of our achievement, but once Mr Harrison had taken a picture of our work, we were able to scoff the lot: delicious!