Miller Class 2017-18

Welcome to Miller Class named after the musician Glenn Miller. Mr Kelly and Mrs Robertson are the class teachers with Miss Marsh and Miss Webb working as support staff. Please keep looking at our class page as we update regularly. If you want to see some of the things we got up to last year look in the class pages archive.
Newspaper reports
Today we have been reporters following clues into what happened to Granny. We found clues which lead us to believe she has been gobbled up by a wolf but was saved at the last minute by a wood cutter. We are now going to write our newspaper reports to let everyone know what has happened.
Summer term 1
We have started our 'perseverance and endurance' value by looking at Jack and the Beanstalk. The children looked at how Jack had to sell his cow to be able to buy food and we talked about the perseverance in climbing the beanstalk to find more treasure. The children have planted beans and are watching them grow as part of their science topic of plants.
Trip to Bristol Aquarium March 2018
We had an amazing trip to Bristol Aquarium where we had a guided tour looking at different types of shark, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and lots more based on the ocean. The children were amazingly behaved and a credit to the school. After lunch we had an opportunity to draw using our 'science eye' any of our favourite sea creatures. The children drew some lovely detailed pictures.
We have been investigating time. The year ones have started looking at o clock and half past. The year twos are recapping these and identifying quarter past and quarter to. 
WOW Day Spring 2
Our value for this half term is 'Democracy and Protection'. We researched the meaning of democracy and talked about how we get to choose who is in charge of the country by voting for the person we think is the best. We built upon our protection knowledge by working in pairs to protect and egg. We made different ways of protecting an egg when dropped off the roof. Some children made parachutes whilst others designed a range of padding and wings to safely carry their eggs to the ground. As you can imagine, we had a cracking time!
Exit point for Spring 1
The children had the chance to see what it would have felt like to be evacuated. Parents dropped their children off in the hall and we made labels to identify who we were, where we had come from and where we were going. We found out what we would have to pack in our suitcases and were surprised at how few clothes we would have to wear. We were taken the the 'train station' by our  Evacuation Warden and boarded the train with our labels and suitcases. We wrote letters home explaining what it was like on the train and who we would miss. Luckily we had made some cheese and potato bites from a rationed recipe book so we had a snack to keep us going. At the other end of our journey we went to our new school and made our gas mask boxes. unfortunately there was an air raid and we had to hide under the tables. We also learnt how to wrap bandages in case anyone got hurt from a bomb blast. We had great fun and were happy to be picked up by our parents at the end of the war.
We have been investigating the music composer Glenn Miller. We have researched his history and listened to his music. we noted the different tempos in his music and played percussion to the beat of 'In the mood' and 'Moonlight serenade'. In hindsight I should have filmed the second practise rather than the first as the children were focusing on hitting the beat so much they forgot to smile. I promise we had lots of fun!
Through Spring 1 we have had a chance to make a range of wartime recipes. The children have made and tasted chocolate spread, pear crumble and eggless cake. We have learnt how people coped with rationing and had fun building our food courage by trying these different recipes. 
Wow day Spring 1
We are focusing this term on 'Hopes and Dreams'. The children had a chance to share their hopes and dreams for 2018 and discussed new year resolutions and how they can work on a target to achieve it later in the year. Our topic this term is based on 'Children in World War 2'. We started by looking at rationing and had to half the amount of rationed food to find out how much children were allowed to eat per week. We also looked at a war time recipe and baked our own carrot biscuits. they were very tasty.
Exit point autumn term 2
We finished our Friendship and Trust value with a DT project based on our class book 'Room on the Broom'. We asked a friend what they would like on their broom and what the most important thing their broomstick should be. We then drew a design and used different materials to meet our criteria. The children exchanged their broomsticks and gave feedback on how successful the broom was. 
Christmas songs
We are going to start learning our Christmas songs for our Nativity. If you want to practise them at home too then please use the links below.
I hear some people are finding it hard to open these songs using apple devices. Here is a link to Youtube with the relevant songs from the performance. Please make sure your child isn't left unattended on Youtube.
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Friendship and trust -Wow day- Autumn term 2
We made a friendship web to show how we are all connected. We passed a ball of string to a friend and said what they did or said that made them a special friend. At the end we saw that all children had been chosen and we all have good friendship qualities. We also made a friendship potion mixing in gold-heartedness ,kindness, happiness, love and a pinch of sparkle! Finally we made friendship bracelets to swap with a friend.
Exit point for Celebrate and Rejoice
We had lots of fun celebrating Diwali as our final session. The children made lanterns and dressed up in bright colours. We looked at how Hindus prepare for Diwali completing activities such as decorating their homes, tidying up and drawing rangoli patterns to welcome visitors. We had a party to celebrate and handed our small gifts of sweets.
Celebrate and Rejoice - Autumn Term 1
We had a lovely time during our Wow Day as we got to experience the violin and found out how tricky it is to hold and play. The children were very sensible with these instruments and were able to use them a couple of times after our lesson too. We also had a go at making a harmonica out of a couple of lollipop sticks and three elastic bands. The children were so happy when they made a sound, although they turned out sounding more like a kazoo!