Mercury Class 2017-18

Mercury Class 
Welcome to Mercury Class! Named after the late and great Freddie Mercury. Mr Harrison is the class teacher, supported by Mrs Cook, and Mr Jones as the TA. 
Leavers 2018
Today, we say goodbye to not only the year sixes, but to Mr Jones also. Mr Jones started his work with us in 2016 and has worked with this class of children throughout his two years at the school. It is sad to see him go, but we all as a school, are excited for his future and hope to see him soon!   

During the summer term, Mercury Class have been learning how to play the clarinet. The instruments are notoriously difficult to even make a sound, never mind play tunefully, so we are very proud of the perseverance everyone has shown during these lessons.

We have been examining musical notation, recognizing how, not only tune but rhythm and volume of the music is symbolized. Very courageously, the children would like to demonstrate their new skills and share with the rest of the school some of the music they have been creating over the last 10 weeks. Therefore, Mercury will be performing their own concert for the school, on Tuesday 19th June. 


Length, width, area & perimeter 
In Mercury, we're having a trial of doing some of our own 'Grand Designs'. Our model homes are old cardboard boxes, which have now been measured and calculated, ready for our furnishings to be fitted as part of our D+T work! 
Endurance & Perseverance  
Continuing our inspiration from Freddie Mercury, we went down the road of Flash Gordon. Flash's science fiction dynasty left the whole world and us inspired! We took on the task of interpreting the original song with our own twist on instruments. Using the influence Flash gave us, we also started looking at our own science fiction writing. trying to include our own take on an entirely fictional universe.     
Democracy & Protect 
Just as the start of the term, Mercury Class took on the egg drop challenge once again. This time, however, the class came to an agreement on the bets method to protect their eggs and began construction. The agreed model was a cone within a cone, the pointed tip to take the impact, the double layer for reinforcement. The egg would be suspended in the center of the cone on a straw. They then went into the hall to test the drops. With amazing results! 
Democracy and Protection 
To demonstrate the value of protection, Spaxton School took part in the Egg Drop Challenge! Children were tasked with designing and making an effective way to protect an egg from a drop  off the roof of Mr Kelly's classroom! Using any materials they could find around the school the children all took different approaches in how they'd protect their egg. Some used parachutes to slow the egg down mid-fall, whilst others packaged them up tightly to absorb all the impact. In the end, it was a combination of both these strategies which worked most efficiently. Well done Mercury!
Measuring Capacity
Today Mercury class took on learning about the metric system for measuring volume of liquid. The lesson consisted of filling a measuring cylinder with water and measuring the level. Once measured, the level was changed and the children calculated the difference. those feeling brave even gave converting ml into L, using their knowledge on decimal converting. 
Spring Term 1
We welcome you all back to school after what we hope was a wonderful Christmas half term. To kick-start the term, our WOW day consisted of designing our very own Saxon shields! Looking into and discovering what each sigil's meaning was on their shields, we decided which was best for us and got busy making! Once our armor was finished, we headed to the hall to recreate the Battle of Hastings!
Christmas Time! 
On the build up to Christmas, Mercury have been getting flavorful and creative with some Christmas chocolate making! Keeping it science related, the children spoke about the changes of state the chocolate goes through, as it is melted, poured and as it solidifies. 
The chocolate was first measured and melted down into its liquid state and poured into a mold of choice, using a piping bag. Once cooled overnight, the chocolates were ready to eat!   
Autumn Term 2
We'd like to welcome you back to a new half term and are looking forward to the new term ahead! Our values for this half term are Trust and Friendship. Learning about how we can trust our friends and build our friendships to be strong and healthy. 
Saxon Brooches  
The subject of our topic this term is the Anglo Saxons. Looking and learning from the kings that rules their time all through to their fashion sense! We decided it was best to give designing and crafting our own brooches a go. Although not completely finished, the brooches have turned out greatly and have the clay base has set nicely. Next step, painting! 
Science WOW Day! 
Mercury celebrated the return to school after the half term by diving straight into some science! We performed three different experiments to experience and witness different states of matter, the change of states of matter and the difference in particles in the matter. We had our hands full from start to finish as we turned our chocolate into a liquid and acted as particles from different states of matter.
Autumn Term 1
Welcome to start of a new year! We hope you are all as excited about the new academic year as we are. We would like to assure you all that although we have a long term ahead, we won't sacrifice the fun! Please check the webpage regularly as we update our page frequently and it is the best way to keep up to date with what we are doing over the term. 
Superhero Top-Trumps!
With Prokofiev class at Charter House this week, Mr Harrison has left us for a few days to join in on the adventure! Meanwhile, back at school, Mercury class are enjoying making some of their own superhero top-trumps! Using magi-mixers, the class have used the random numbers given to make the biggest number they can with five digits. 
Music WOW Day
Here we are, back to work! But as always, we first had our WOW day! This year we kicked things off with a beat and dove straight into some brass instrument practice. Although some instruments were bigger than the children, they still gave it their all in learning, practicing and even a small performance. Special thanks to Mr Thomas for the lesson as the children were exhilarated with the joy of participation.