Da Vinci Class

Welcome to Da Vinci Class
I am Mr Harrison, the class teacher for the mornings. Miss Tomlins and Mr Jones support us in our learning.
During the early summer months, children in Da Vinci class have written fictional diary entries. They have been talking about past events in chronological order and using time connectives.
We are in the 4th week of summer term now, so the children are beginning to revisit maths topics previously taught this year. As a class, we decided to design our own maths games to revise topics we needed extra help on. We have enjoyed working collaboratively to make the games and then had even more fun playing them!
Year 4's have been very privileged to be given the opportunity to learn how to play a new instrument. They have had expert tuition this term playing the clarinet. After 10 weeks of lessons, they managed to play musical pieces using up to 4 different notes.