Ahlberg Class

Welcome  to
Ahlberg  Class.
Our Science Laboratory
After hearing the story 'Wizard Blot', we have begun a series of lessons about mixtures, lotions and potions. In PE we searched high and low, over and under to acquire ingredients for our potions.
In maths we followed problem solving activities where we had to investigate, enquire and conclude. Later we mixed lotions and potions by different methods.
With 12 Reception children and 13 Year 1, together we make up Ahlberg Class. We are taught by Mr Kelly, Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Robertson, Miss Tomlins, Mrs Shirley and Miss Kelly. Currently, we are also being taught by Miss Whitton.
We have been learning to take photos and videos using our iPads. The children have made adverts for our Christmas Market. Have a look and see how gtheir filming skills are.